Global Benefits Solutions

Protecting your global workforce is more critical today than ever before. Is your organization prepared?


In today’s rapidly changing business environment, leaders are challenged to rethink their future to attain long-term sustainability.

These decisions will have an immense impact on the global workforce, making the need for clear insight into an organization’s global benefits strategy more important than ever.

To fulfill duty of care, employers need a holistic view of what benefits they offer in each market, including insights on compliance, competitiveness and cost-efficiency.

OneDigital offers a unique solution that provides dedicated U.S.-based experts, strategic partnerships and local country support to provide global peace of mind. Watch this video to learn how we can help you minimize risk and manage your global workforce.

Comprehensive Support

OneDigital Global Benefits helps leaders support their workforce with a personalized and flexible approach.

Control Costs

Ensure the best value for your benefits spend and limit year-over-year cost increases.​

Needs Assessment

Experienced global and local consultants uncover and address your organization’s unique needs.

Reduce HR Burden

One source for both domestic and global support to seamlessly track, manage and procure benefits.

Minimize Risk

Gain visibility over your benefits and minimize the opportunity for a lapse in coverage or non-compliance.

Take Charge of Your Global Benefits - OneDigital’s Global Benefits Management Tool

In an evolving and fast-paced world, insight into your organization’s benefits programs is essential to being effective. Employers need to take a proactive approach to ensure global benefits are competitive and legally compliant– while protecting their business and bottom line. Does your organization have clear visibility into all your employee benefits around the world?

OneDigital’s Global Benefits Management Tool provides:

  • Visibility into your organization’s global benefits programs: insured benefits, retirement programs, prerequisites and leave policies
  • Plan design, costs, carrier information, broker contacts and policy documents all in one easy-to-access and intuitive platform to maximize operational efficiency
  • Global views for benefits spending and renewal management for more control over budgeting and forecasting


Meet the Global Experts

Jeff Gentile National Practice Leader, Global Benefits Consulting
Mark Juneau VP of Global Benefits

Global Medical & Travel Insurance: Options for Businesses, Individuals & Families

Medical and security emergencies can happen – but when you are abroad, responding to these situations can become more difficult to navigate. Whether you need individual coverage for a vacation or group coverage for employees in locations around the world, there is a product to meet your needs.

Worldwide Broker Network

OneDigital is a member of the Worldwide Broker Network™, the world’s largest fully integrated international network of independent property & casualty and employee benefits brokers

Is your organization ready for a centralized approach to managing a global workforce?

OneDigital’s Global Benefit experts have the commitment and expertise to navigate the complexities of managing a global workforce and risk management. Our teams provide peace of mind for employers around the world, bringing the commitment of experienced global benefits consultants to companies of all sizes, whether you have three people in several countries or dozens of offices around the world.