Pharmacy benefits represent nearly 30% of your company's total healthcare expenses—and are continuing to climb. Is your HR team ready to navigate the road ahead?

As an employer, you are faced with tough decisions—deciphering ways to control cost without compromising an integral part of your benefit package, pharmacy. Prescription drugs are not only an integral part of the benefit package you offer, but also deliver quality healthcare.

In an era of Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) consolidation, skyrocketing specialty drug cost, over-utilization and aggressive pharmacy marketing tactics, your HR team should have a proactive strategy to manage the road ahead.

When looking to new methods in controlling pharmacy costs, improving outcomes and increasing satisfaction for your employees, cutting benefits isn’t an option for modern day employers. These trends, along with the more traditional aspects of HR, leaves the administration, claims analysis, rebate negotiation and contracting of pharmacy benefits up to employers.

OneDigital offers a unique solution combining in-depth claims analysis and a rigorous provider contracting process that will take risk-mitigation to the next level.

We are relentlessly changing the way employers purchase pharmacy benefits by putting the employer back in the driver's seat—ensuring the financial and risk interests align with your financial goals. Watch this video to learn how we put you back in the driver’s seat and can help you offer better benefits while containing cost.



Comprehensive pharmacy strategy that goes beyond the traditional PBM's toolbox.


Experienced consultants that provide peace of mind for your pharmacy benefit concerns.


In-depth evaluation of cost drivers that enable a fact-based approach to provider contracting and rebates.


Pharmacy Benefit experts who provide pricing advocacy and contracting management, that minimize employer risk and liabilities.

Aggressively Manage Your Pharmacy Costs with OneDigital by Your Side

OneDigital’s Pharmacy Consultants work relentlessly to empower employers to offer superior pharmacy benefits while helping employers effectively manage pharmacy spend. Our VisibilityRx tool helps us do just that. Our pharmacy experts and actuaries provide:

  • Pharmacy claims visibility and transparency
  • High-performance specialty drug management
  • Renewal and contract management
  • Annual pharmacy audits and rebate advocacy

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Download our Understanding the Specialty Drug Pipeline Infographic now!


Understanding the Specialty Drug Pipeline Infographic

Download our "Understanding the Specialty Drug Pipeline" Infographic for an in-depth illustration of the current state of the pharmaceutical market, employer exposure, and potential levers to combat costs.



Is your HR team ready to navigate the road ahead?

If you're looking for a partner who is completely flexible and responsive to your changing needs, look to OneDigital Pharmacy Consulting Solutions. Our teams service employers coast to coast, bringing the commitment of experienced Pharmacy consultants to companies of all sizes, whether you have 40 employees or 4,000.

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