Budgeting & Debt Reduction


Building a plan to help ensure financial stability and reduce overall debt can significantly impact your financial future. That is why working with a financial planner to help prioritize your spending, and debt management can be highly beneficial. Ultimately, it can help you decrease your outgoing cash flow while helping you build toward savings.

4th Quarter Planning

How to Get a Jump on 2023 Tax Season- 4th Quarter Planning. As the end of 2022 draws closer, join Jorge Pereira as he walks you through several ways you can prepare your finances for 2023 and start the new year in a great place financially.

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Navigating Your Financial Priorities

Money on your mind? If you're looking to save up for a dream vacation, fund your retirement, or learn how to start conquering your financial priorities, you won't want to miss this session. Join Tristan Talley, Vice President of Wealth Management, for a look at how ordering your financial goals can set you up for success.

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Taking Control of Your Income Through Budgeting

Ever wonder who’s in control, you or your monthly expenses? Join Jorge Pereira for a look at how changing your view of budgeting can change your entire outlook on your finances. Showing your money who is in charge will leave you feeling like you got a raise, provide more money to meet your financial goals, and you might just see your stress meter drop back into a manageable range!

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The Colossal Cost of College & How to Pay For It

The cost of higher education has skyrocketed and whether it's a parent saving for their children or a student looking to fund their education each semester, paying for college is a financial priority for many Americans. From tax-advantaged 529 plans to financial aid to federal vs. private student loans, this webinar will cover all things college costs.

Check out this session to learn how to save for college, tackle student loan debt, apply for scholarships, and more!

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Student Loan Strategies

According to the Federal Reserve, over 46 million Americans carry student loan debt. Paying off your student loans can feel overwhelming, so we want to help. Check out this session recap to learn the different strategies for paying off student loans and discover which options may be best for you.

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