Individual Travel Medical Insurance

Up to 65% of international travelers self-report health problems during their trips

...and about 8% of these travelers are sick enough to seek medical care either while traveling abroad or shortly after returning home.

Business and personal travel throughout the world may provide additional exposure to various medical risks, sometimes unforeseeable by the traveler. These unfamiliar threats have caused travelers to take a proactive approach towards protecting their health while abroad. Find a travel insurance option that eases the stress of an unknown culture and medical system. Whether you need individual coverage for a vacation or group coverage for employees in locations around the world, there is a product to meet your needs.

Below are product descriptions of the International plans available. Purchase directly online or download an application.

Individual & Family

A medical crisis while traveling may be unpredictable, but should not be unforeseeable. Explore our diverse range of global health insurance plans for individuals and families and have peace of mind during your travels.

Cigna - International Health Insurance

Variety of coverage including outpatient, medical evaluation, health & wellbeing, vision and dental care. Learn More.

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Insured Nomads

Global Health Insurance covers you for emergency as well as routine, preventative, and chronic care in the country or countries you have selected in your plan. It offers ongoing medical coverage for the entire duration of your plan (typically 1 year, renewable) and includes an unprecedented technology ecosystem.

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IMG - Patriot Travel Medical Insurance®

Provides up to US $2M of medical coverage for business or personal travel outside of a home country. Learn More.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield - International Travel Medical Insurance
*brought to you by the international experts at GeoBlue

Short and long-term international health plans for all varieties of travel as well as specialty plans designed for group and educational experiences and long-term assignments. Learn More.

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IMG - Global Medical Insurance®

Long-term, annually renewable, U.S.-style major medical insurance plan with multiple plan options. Learn More.

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Seven Corners - International Travel Medical Insurance

Travel insurance plans that include medical benefits for coverage outside a home country. Learn More.

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Business travelers have a different set of concerns when buying travel insurance and must select a plan that fits their needs and their company's needs. If you are an executive that frequently travels outside your country of citizenship, make sure you have a plan that covers expenses incurred from unexpected travel related incidents as well as emergency medical care.

Patriot Executive® Travel Medical Insurance

Provides up to US $1M of annual medical coverage for individuals that frequently travel outside their home country and for their families. Learn More.

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Employer-Sponsored Group Insurance

Designed for employers with employees who are either U.S. or Canadian citizens who reside abroad and may return to the U.S. or Canada temporarily. Learn More. 

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Insured Nomads World Explorer Multi

Provides up to $1M of worldwide medical & non-medical coverage for multiple trips throughout the year. Each policy includes our unprecedented technology ecosystem providing protection beyond benefits. 

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International travel for students is a remarkable opportunity. Students should prepare themselves with the insurance surety to have peace of mind while traveling abroad.

Patriot StudentSM T.R.I.P.

Prepare for unforeseen circumstances such as delays, lost or stolen baggage, emergency medical costs or evacuations. Learn More.

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Student Health AdvantageSM

Plans designed for two or more travelers and their dependents. Includes benefits for maternity, mental health, and organized sports. Learn More.

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Patriot Group Exchange Program AdvantageSM

Designed for groups of students traveling abroad or cultural exchange program participants. Learn More.

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Travel Protection

Wherever you are going, travel protection insurance can provide you with assurance that your plans are covered from unforeseen circumstances.

T.R.I.P. EliteSM

An enhanced version of the Patriot T.R.I.P. EliteSM product, with increased delay, evacuation and baggage coverage. Learn More.

Patriot T.R.I.P.SM

Covers travelers from unexpected circumstances and trip interruptions. Learn More.

Sky RescueSM

Provides emergency medical evacuation and scheduled coverage for travel outside of an individual’s home country. Learn More.

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Insured Nomads World Explorer

The most advanced cross-border plans on the market. You’ll enjoy the benefits of emergency travel coverage while gaining access to technological solutions that support your safety, health, and security right away. 

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With extreme adventures comes extra risk. Extreme sports travel insurance plans are designed for the adventurous International traveler.

Patriot Adventure®

Provides benefits for those traveling abroad who also intend to participate in a select group of athletic activities or extreme sports.  Learn More.

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Insured Nomads World Explorer

The most advanced cross-border plans on the market. You’ll enjoy the benefits of emergency travel coverage for your extreme sporting events while gaining access to technological solutions that support your safety, health, and security right away. 

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Businesses, schools and even non-profit organizations around the world often have members, employees and contract workers traveling around the world. Instead of letting employees fend for themselves, obtain discounted group rates, while still offering the same individualized options.

Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance®

Provides benefits for groups of 5 or more traveling together to a destination that is not the home country of any of the traveling members. Learn More.

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The Patriot Group Exchange ProgramSM

Designed for a group of students studying abroad or participants of a group cultural exchange program. Learn More.

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