Open Enrollment MasterClass Series

As rates of burnout and disengagement increase, leaders are being challenged with providing high-value benefits that enhance wellbeing, improve retention and counter the tide of turnovers.

With open enrollment around the corner, it’s become urgently important to provide and communicate benefits that enhance wellbeing and improves retention.

Register for OneDigital’s Open Enrollment MasterClass Series to stay on top of key strategies that address employee health, wealth and HR challenges in the aftermath of the pandemic so you can offer a streamlined enrollment experience that supports retention and drives engagement.

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Personalized Recommendation

Insurance benefits can be confusing to employees. Almost 60% of surveyed workers would like a personalized recommendation on what they should select.

-The Hartford’s 2021 Future of Benefits Study



Crush Open Enrollment: The Right Ways to Utilize Employee Data with Special Guest Momentive

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The use of data has transformed countless aspects of our lives – from the way we shop, research, communicate, access news and health care, entertainment and more. McKinsey Global Institute reports that data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, 6 times as likely to retain customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable. However, when it comes to leveraging data insights to improve business processes and contain medical costs, far too many organizations fall short.

During this webinar, OneDigital welcomes long-time customer Momentive (formerly Survey Monkey) for a timely conversation about how, through the use of data analytics, surveys and strategic designs, Momentive has been able to provide a highly valued benefits package that evolves with their workforce, and saved money while doing so. You’ll also discover how to implement data insights that inform you benefits strategy – regardless of where your organization is in its data journey.



Dan Maass

Principal | OneDigital

Heather Rabinowitz

VP, Member Engagement | OneDigital

Becky Cantieri

Chief People Officer | Momentive

Cassius Conliffe

Global Head of Total Rewards | Momentive


Combat the Turnover Tsunami by Leveraging Competitive Benefits

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Despite a stuttering economy, American workers continue to resign from their jobs in record numbers. An employee’s decision to stay or go can be based on many factors, but there is no doubt that benefit options are top of mind for many. According to surveys by Joblist and Resume Builder, 67% of jobseekers say that employer benefits are more important to them now than before the pandemic, and 50% of employees who plan to quit their job are seeking better benefits and compensation. In an environment like this, using attractive benefits offerings as a differentiator makes good business sense.

Join this webinar to discover how high-value employee benefits can make a difference in the battle to fight the endless turnover tide. During the session, our HR leaders will discuss:

  • The function of benefits as a part of total compensation.
  • How developing a total compensation plan can attract and retain talent.
  • Leveraging your benefits package to combat attrition.
  • Communicating total compensation for current employees and strategies for candidates.



Amy Scannell

Director, Client Engagement | OneDigital

Reilly Billian

HR Strategy Consultant | OneDigital


Ready, Set, Enroll! Navigate Passive and Active Open Enrollments

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Open enrollment can be challenging for employers and employees alike. In fact, nearly 1 in 5 (19%) did not feel confident they understood everything they signed up for after their most recent benefits enrollment. How employers handle the open enrollment process affects how engaged and informed their employee will be about their benefits for the upcoming year.

With the constant changes in the benefits space, it’s vital for employers to understand how to strategically approach open enrollment. What’s the best approach? Is it active or passive enrollment? This decision will influence the effectiveness and open enrollment experience that empowers your employees to feel confident in their benefits.

During this session of the Open Enrollment MasterClass Series, our leaders will discuss:

  • Open Enrollment for a hybrid workforce
  • Overview of Active and Passive Enrollment: Is one approach better?
  • Improving Employee Experience and Utilization through Open Enrollment.



Sharon Schlenker

Regional VP, Client Services | OneDigital

Chase Ambrosia

Senior Benefits Consultant | OneDigital