Property and Casualty Whitepaper: Weathering New Storms

5 Property and Casualty Market Insights for Employers

Upheavals within the nation’s economy, climate, and cybersecurity landscape are forcing America’s property and casualty (P&C) industry to adapt to several new challenges simultaneously. In the Weathering New Storms whitepaper, discover five major trends and forces that are changing the P&C status quo and how they may be impacting your organization's risk profile.


Gain a better understanding of the forces influencing your P&C policy premiums and a forecast of how this highly dynamic market may change in the near future. Inside, you'll discover how:

  • Increasingly severe natural disasters and man-made climate change have contributed to recent price hikes.​
  • A less-predictable operating environment has pushed P&C underwriters to dramatically change their risk assessment practices.
  • High inflation, rising interest rates, and economic uncertainty have put significant financial pressure on the P&C industry.
  • A convergence of positive forces has finally allowed cyber insurance policies to stabilize after years of spectacular premium increases.
Annual property and casualty policy renewals recently averaged +35%, marking the steepest increase in 17 years. Overall, prices doubled between 2017 and 2023.

Sources: National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the Guy Carpenter U.S. Property-Catastrophe Rate-On-Line Index, and the Institute for Economics & Peace

Policyholders Need to Understand a Changing P&C Landscape

It pays to learn about how this critical industry is re-tooling to address a series of unfavorable developments. Whether you have a corporate or individual P&C policy, you benefit from being more informed.


The difficulty of predicting risk in an increasingly irregular environment has resulted in a growing proportion of misaligned policies and painful losses – losses that are often passed on to the consumer.

Don't Get Hung Out to Dry

Pricey premiums, devastating disasters, and reduced returns are transforming the property and casualty industry. Stay up to date on the latest market developments with Weathering New Storms: 5 Property and Casualty Insights.

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