Aggressively Manage Your Pharmacy Costs With Strategic Benefits Consulting



Infographic: Tighten the Valve—Understanding the Specialty Drug Pipeline


Employers seeking to significantly reduce healthcare expenses should set their sights on the medicine cabinet. With prescriptions comprising 30% of employers' health claims—and rising sharply thanks to the emergence of specialty drugs—the marketplace needs a new approach to control these costs without compromising the care provided.

Visibility Rx is a pharmacy spend analysis specifically designed to educate employers. We uncover deep insights and emerging risk drivers to inform you with the facts you need to ensure the best possible outcomes for your employees and the highest financial savings for your organization.

It is crucial to understand the factors that contribute to the increase in pharmacy costs. We work with you to co-create a multi-year strategy to reduce costs without disrupting your employees and their access to quality healthcare.

Is your broker a partner in the development of your benefits strategy and the financial goals of your company?

The fight against healthcare inflation requires a well-defined, data-driven strategy combined with a relentless daily focus on aggressively managing carriers, vendors, providers and the risk factors that drive costs for your organization.