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Forbes Talks to OneDigital Compensation Consulting Leader About Nike’s Decision to Combat Pay Inequalities

Following months of controversy that led to high visibility firings, global sports apparel giant Nike announced a decision to level up pay for almost 7,400 employees.

Nike follows in the footsteps of other industry leaders taking concrete steps to remedy workplace inequality and toxic company culture. Forbes spoke with OneDigital Director of Compensation Consulting Stacy Strauser to understand the implications of Nike’s decision, and what this move means for corporate momentum around creating real income and gender equality in the article, “How Nike's Move on Equal Pay Could Point to Future Market Success.

When big brand name companies like Nike put a stake in the ground and make a stand, smaller companies will follow suit because they’ll eventually have to, in order to stay competitive in attracting top talent.
Stacy Strauser, Director of Compensation Consulting at OneDigital Mid-Atlantic

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