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Keith Huber of Fiduciary Plan Advisors Discusses The Advantages of a Customized Financial Wellness Plan

In a recent poll by PwC, employees who have used the financial wellness program offered by their employers are at an all-time high of 88%.

With employees now willing to use the financial wellness program, it puts more impetus on the plan sponsor to have a well-structured financial wellness program to assist their employees. PlanSponsor collected a group of six subject matter experts on how best to build a customized financial wellness solution.

One of the most important factors in creating a good solution is to know your employees well. What are the demographics and behaviors of your employees? It is essential to learn your workforce’s most significant financial stressors. Understanding their wants and needs and connecting with your employees is one of the greatest factors in creating the best possible financial solution. Keith Huber, of Fiduciary Plan Advisors — a OneDigital Company, was featured in the PlanSponsor article, “To Ensure All Are Well,” explaining the importance of a customized program.

If you do a boilerplate program, you could get lucky and hit on exactly what your workforce is worried about. But an off-the-shelf program usually just wants to focus on the 401(k) plan. And that’s only hitting on a fraction of what people care about with their financial life—what keeps them up at night with their finances and what gets them excited about their financial life: things such as saving for a home or their child’s college education.
Keith Huber, Investment Advisor, Fiduciary Plan Advisors — a One Digital Company

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