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Matt Rust Comments on Amazon’s Virtual Healthcare Pilot Program in HR Dive

Amazon recently expanded its virtual health clinic pilot program, Amazon Care, to reach employees working from Amazon’s Seattle headquarters.

After almost two years of planning following the initial announcement, Amazon Care officially enters the healthcare space. This venture, together with JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway, will potentially transform the industry as we know it today.

Managing Consultant Matt Rust out of OneDigital’s Southeast Region talks to HR Dive about what makes Amazon Care stand out from other innovative virtual care applications in the article, “Amazon Expands Pilot of Virtual Health Clinic Program to Seattle Employees.” He expects the program will rise to meet the demands of consumers regarding experience and ease of use, and notes that this is the same reason virtual care may meet less resistance since customers have grown to trust Amazon’s delivery model.

“Amazon Care is notable in that it integrates in-home or at-work physical consultations together with virtual visits, prescription home delivery and other features in one app. Amazon Care shows that the company is taking its customer experience and ease-of-use strategies and applying them to healthcare.
The lower utilization seen in such studies [regarding telemedicine utilization] may be attributable to processes like pre-registration that are not always intuitive to users. This will significantly increase adoption as Amazon Care is positioning itself to be the first stop many members may make when seeking care, rather than an afterthought.”
Matt Rust, Managing Consultant, OneDigital Southeast Region

Read the HR Dive article here.

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