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What Employer Benefits Solutions Are Right for Your Business?

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Having a high-performing health and benefits plan is a necessary competitive differentiator in any industry. Our vast experience in the employee benefits industry gives us the perspective needed to help you continuously improve all aspects of your benefits plan structure and performance.

Discover our suite of employer benefits solutions strategically designed to align your organization in achieving superior results and controlling costs.

What Employer Benefits Solutions Are Right for Your Business?

The recipe for attracting high-caliber talent at a competitive cost requires a data-driven strategic vision, a fresh approach to benefits plan design and a relentless commitment to execution. Contact OneDigital to find out if your employer benefits solutions are meeting, much less exceeding, the new generation standard of employee benefits.

OneDigital represents two core concepts central to our business. ‘One’ stands for our people, advisors and thought leaders, and the idea that we stand as one with our clients. ‘Digital’ retains our legacy brand equity and addresses the sophisticated digital experience delivered through our analytics, compliance support, HR administration and comprehensive insurance solutions.

Adam Bruckman

President & CEO

The team at OneDigital Health and Benefits has helped us to navigate the always changing healthcare industry and has made us feel confident that we’re offering the best benefit options to our employees. They have given us peace of mind that we’re up to date with compliance and they are always available to answer questions and help with any situation we encounter.

Sharon Lasko

ipCapital Group, Inc

As a small business owner with a staff of 15 employees, we had been doing business with our previous benefits provider for nearly 20 years when we made the switch to OneDigital Health and Benefits. The disparity between the level of service we received over the last 20 years and the upper echelon, ultra-professional service OneDigital provides is tremendous. Their hard-working reps have markedly surpassed all expectations, and I would highly recommend them to anyone charged with the responsibility of obtaining benefits solutions for their company.

Toby Richey, Owner

Toby Richey & Associates