Financial Services for an Empowered Workforce

Nearly all employees want their employer to provide financial planning education and advisory services.

However, offering a program that lacks continuity with your current approach and fails to account for your employee’s unique circumstances can do more harm to your business than good. Develop a holistic strategy that aligns with your culture, seamlessly integrates with your other offerings and addresses the needs of a multigenerational workforce to foster healthier and happier employees.


Solutions for Employers of All Sizes

OneDigital’s Financial Services offers a comprehensive solution focused on tailoring retirement plans, wealth management conversations and financial wellness programs to meet the needs of each organization and its employees.


Reduce burden on HR and payroll departments by updating plan technology and integrating systems.


Make it easy for employees to engage in a conversation about their financial health and path to retirement.


Understand how your vendor and service costs compare to other companies in your industry and region and how participation impacts your bottom line.


Receive strategic guidance on key regulations and actions you can take to stay up to date.

A Holistic Approach to Retirement

Most employees share a similar goal: to retire on time with the ability to generate adequate income.

Still, it’s all too common for retirement-ready employees to be unable to do so – impacting morale, health, productivity and frankly, your bottom line. Reduce the stress of your workforce and increase engagement and productivity by offering a customized, modern retirement program that can help each employee meet their goals within their timeline.



Stay Audit Ready

Gain peace of mind that your plan is correctly managed and operated.

When a program is mismanaged or developed on an outdated framework, the potential liability and administrative headache create more risk than reward and threaten the integrity of the business as a whole. OneDigital’s team of independent advisers can help manage the technical aspects of any retirement plan to eliminate your risk of exposure, liability and keep you informed of regulatory changes so you can focus on your most valuable asset — your people.


Identify Executive Benefits Strategies

Your best defense against market uncertainty is retention of your top talent.

Designing complementary financial services and retirement strategies that enhance your executive benefits program can offer your high performers peace of mind that staying with your organization means their financial future is secure. Developing a strategy that impacts the bottom line and evolves to meet the changing needs of executives and top talent is of the utmost importance.


A Complete Retirement Solution

Now, more than ever, empowering a financially confident workforce can drive greater overall business outcomes.

Today’s multigenerational workforce requires a tailored, holistic approach to benefits in support of their goals both in and outside of the workplace and that can be a challenge to provide. OneDigital’s Complete Retirement Solution provides individualized support from financial wellness coaches and personalized investment management inside the plan.



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Are you ready to offer your employees what they really want?

A siloed approach to providing health and wealth benefits no longer makes sense. Today’s modern workforce expects a sophisticated, streamlined benefits experience that considers the whole person.

Unfortunately, in today’s market, companies that fail to embrace this practice can inadvertently sacrifice the future health of their employees, damage their competitive edge in the market and risk the financial future of the business.

OneDigital Financial Services' team of independent advisers, including plan consultants, participant educators and wealth management advisers, offers a comprehensive solution focused on tailoring retirement plans, wealth management conversations and financial wellness programs that meets your people where they are, so they can do their best work and live their best lives.

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