Financial Wellness

Your employees bring their financial worries to work with them every day. How does your workforce strategy address the need to help your people with their financial wellbeing?

Leading employers that offer financial wellbeing solutions in their broader benefits package reduce the ripple effects that employee financial burdens have on their business.


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What’s Good For Your People Is Also Good For Your Business

Addressing financial anxiety is not just critical for supporting employee wellbeing and productivity. It can also have lasting impacts on your organization’s ability to retain talent, curb absenteeism, reduce workforce disengagement and increase profitability.


Provide personalized support in order to reduce distractions and absenteeism.


Address root causes of employee financial stress and improve the physical health of your workforce.

Retirement Readiness

Ensure that your workforce is ready to retire to keep career mobility and reduce stress.


Address underlying stressors to keep employees engaged, reduce burnout and decrease turnover.

Power Your People

There’s no denying that financial stress and workplace productivity are linked.

Discover how OneDigital can help your organization power the potential of your workforce through a financial wellbeing strategy. Our team helps leaders like you target the root causes of financial anxiety because when employees are healthier – financially, physically and mentally – companies perform better.


People + Technology

OneDigital offers a financial wellbeing solution to companies with various options for employees to access personalized support.

  • Online tools and educational resources
  • Access to one-on-one coaching
  • Periodic accountability check-ins
  • Help with questions about retirement planning, investing, budgeting, debt management, student loan repayment and emergency savings


Plan Features That Can Help Your Employees Live More Financially Free

Our goal is to help your employees live without financial burden. Click on the button below to learn about plan features that you should look to implement in your plan today!


Meet the Team


Laura C. Rogers, AIF®, MBA Director, OneDigital Financial Wellness


Josh Frierdich Operations Manager, OneDigital Financial Wellness

Brandon Cutler Lead Adviser, OneDigital Financial Wellness


Employees are looking to their employers for help with their finances and wellbeing.

At OneDigital, we believe financial stress should not stand in your way in creating a happy, engaged, and productive workforce. Your employees deserve to feel in charge of their finances. We’ve helped hundreds of companies help make a difference in the lives of their employees. And we’re uniquely positioned to help your people. Let's get started.

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