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From Awareness to Action: Leveraging DEI&B to Enhance Mental Health and Financial Wellness

The events of the past few years have been a shock to our systems and effectively blurred the lines between work-life and home-life.

The convergence of these two spheres for many professionals has created a nuanced blend of workforce engagement and wellbeing. While this disruption has presented silver linings in terms of opportunities and flexibility, it has also introduced new challenges—impacting work-life balance, stress levels, mental health, financial wellbeing and the overall work environment.

The call to show up authentically is both liberating and daunting. Unfortunately, workplace norms often discourage open conversations about perceived differences and important topics like addressing racism, societal issues, gender inequity, and mental health. Navigating this discomfort is not easy, and sometimes, the risk – or perceived risk – of genuine self-expression can do more harm to our overall wellbeing than good.

As a result, employers are now compelled to rethink the entire employee experience. Today's employers stand to gain significantly by empowering employees, supporting their financial literacy, prioritizing mental health, and offering appropriate benefits.

Replay this discussion on-demand with OneDigital leaders across Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging, Wellbeing and Engagement, Financial Wellness and Employee Benefits for an important conversation diving into:

  • the evolving landscape of work-life integration,
  • emotional and financial wellbeing,
  • and authentic self-expression in the workplace.

Gain a better grasp on building and maintaining a lasting culture of trust and mental balance by empowering your people to be vulnerable, authentic, and curious.


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