Allison Lantieri

Senior Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions


Allison Lantieri is responsible for the development and coordination of OneDigital's overall M&A strategy in partnership with Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer Mike Sullivan and the team. She is also responsible for the continued development and management of our channel and strategic partners. In addition, Allison crafts storytelling experiences designed to inspire hearts and minds in the potential in joining OneDigital, with a specific focus on purpose and cultural alignment. Having come up through the organization via an acquisition in 2013, Allison has seen and supported more than 200 acquisitions in the last decade with OneDigital and looks at every one as having had a unique impact on the company as a whole. Her mantra? "We are better together."

Prior to her move to support M&A Allison was a marketing and brand leader for OneDigital. Allison has a unique tenure in insurance, healthcare and theater, including in B2B and B2C for-profit and not-for-profit companies. Allison is proud to be a West Virginia Wesleyan Bobcat who carries a BA in Speech Communications and a BA in Theater. Allison is a Mainer, a CrossFitter and a steward of bourbon, whiskey and rye. Her husband and two teenage children are currently living their dream on a farm on the coast of Maine.

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