Jorge Pereira, BFA®

Director of Participant Education, OneDigital Retirement + Wealth


Jorge Pereira manages participant education for company-sponsored retirement plans. In fact, the firm’s innovative approach to education is what drew Jorge to Chepenik Financial in the first place. After more than a decade in retirement services, banking, and finance, Jorge understood that a successful retirement depends more on the right behaviors than the right investments. Transitioning into an education role gave him an opportunity to help people in a whole new way. Since joining the team, Jorge has elevated education initiatives, developing custom programs that drive record levels of participation and put more people on track to a successful retirement.

Jorge brings nearly 15 years of experience helping individuals plan and implements a more secure retirement for any phase of life. As Director of Education – Retirement Plans, Jorge will be responsible for providing enrollment and on-going education meetings for clients’ company-sponsored retirement plans. In this capacity, he helps participants plan for a more secure retirement by encouraging them to enroll in their retirement plan, motivating them to increase their contributions and helping them improve their asset alloc

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