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New Ideas For The Modern Workforce

Wednesday, April 17th, 2024, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM | The Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, VA



Change the Workplace. Change the World

If you are a people leader, you are likely under tremendous pressure to grow your businesses while also addressing unsustainable stressors on your people. Financial pressure, job stress, and health concerns are overwhelming people everywhere. Engagement is suffering. People are suffering. Yet, the work doesn’t stop. It can’t stop.

What if the workplace could transform from the source of much of our stress to the solution? What if the place where we all spend 80,000 hours of our adult lives could help us achieve more of our potential and experience more purpose and meaning?
People-first, high-performance organizations lead to healthy growing families and communities. Higher engagement drives productivity and performance…and a virtuous cycle begins.
It’s time to change the workplace, change the world."

Travis Dommert SVP, Talent

GLP-1 Class Drugs: To Cover or Not?

GLP-1 class drugs, primarily used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, are highly sought after, given their effectiveness in managing blood sugar levels and promoting weight loss. However, the low supply and exorbitant cost of these drugs pose significant challenges.
Coverage of these drugs has even been seen as a recruiting strategy, particularly for potential employees who may be managing diabetes. However, industry turnover rates may impact the employer’s return on investment.

In analyzing the impact of covering GLP-1’s as an engagement tactic, employers must consider the impact on employee wellbeing, particularly for those employees managing chronic conditions like diabetes. They must also consider company values, and whether they align with providing comprehensive healthcare coverage that includes high-cost drugs like GLP-1’s.

The organizational culture, too, plays a role in this decision. A culture that prioritizes employee health and wellbeing may see more value in covering these drugs despite their cost.

This timely session from our internal pharmacy consulting expert offers the latest perspectives and considerations for this revolutionary class of medications, taking into account their potential benefits for diabetic employees and the broader implications for the organization.

Richard Lo Director of Clinical Services


Harnessing AI’s Potential: Strategies for Workplace Integration

AI-driven talent management is crucial for organizations seeking a competitive edge. By leveraging AI, employers can redefine roles based on skills, enhance learning experiences, streamline recruitment, and predict employee retention. A balanced approach that combines AI with human judgment is essential for effective talent management and developing an AI Labor Strategy. Also discover how Sean Daly and our OneDigital team is leading through innovation and how OneDigital is experimenting with AI today.

Vinay Gidwaney Chief Product Officer
Sean Daly Artificial Intelligence Program Manager


Harnessing AI’s Potential: Strategies for Workplace Integration

Steering Through Change: How Political Shifts in D.C. Affect Your Business Strategy

In a time of political upheaval and shifting policies in Washington, D.C., the implications for employers are significant. The current climate, influenced by the upcoming presidential election and legislative developments, directly affects how businesses support, and manage their workforce. This session with Blaire Bartlett, VP of Government and Political Affairs for the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers (CIAB) will provide a blueprint for employers to not only manage the immediate impacts of political changes but also position themselves for future growth and stability.

Blaire Bartlett VP of Government and Political Affairs at the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers

Guaranteed Retirement Income in a Defined Contribution World

The Secure Act 1.0 of 2019 created an opportunity for employers to consider including guaranteed lifetime income solutions within their Defined Contribution (DC) retirement plans. This engaging panel of experts will explore the thinking behind providing (or not providing) these solutions; the critical considerations plan sponsors should wrestle with when evaluating them, and practical advice on how to wade through the sea of products now available on the market.

Chad Wilson, CFA®, CFP™ Senior Vice President, OneDigital Retirement + Wealth
Matthew Hedley, CFP® Vice President, OneDigital Retirement + Wealth
Heather Ilacqua Vice-President, Retirement Income Distribution, Fidelity Investments
Brendan McCarthy Head of Retirement Investing, Nuveen

Modernizing Your Approach to Population Health & Wellbeing

Not only is employee wellbeing a top driver of business performance, but poor employee engagement costs employers over $1 million in lost profit per every 50 employees. With mental health disorders rising and employees asking for more support, employers must prioritize their people. Learn about OneDigital's modernized approach to mental health & wellbeing and discover new tools to tackle population health management.

Shira Wilensky Director of Engagement

Winning the Recruitment and Retention War with Strategic Ancillary Benefit Maneuvers

In this post-COVID world, we are all a little more aware of our mortality and that impact on our families' standard of living in the event of an unforeseen tragedy. This is contributing to increased financial stress of employees and progressive employers are engaging innovative solutions in ancillary benefits as a strategy to help employees feel more prepared and financially secure for the unknown. But this is not about offering an insurance product - it is about specifically tailored and communicated coverages and utilizing new metrics for defining success.

Josh Roland, CLMS, GBDS, VBS Principal



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