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Travis Dommert Discusses How to Strike a Balance Between People and Performance

A study by Gallup reports that only 23% of employees are engaged at work.

However, OneDigital’s Senior Vice President of Talent, Travis Dommert, believes the key to high performance and employee engagement is by creating a people-first focused culture. Travis recently took the stand on the “Talent Development Think Tank” podcast titled, “Building a People-First, High-Performance Culture with Travis Dommert from OneDigital,” to discuss his experience with driving high performance by placing emphasis on employee growth and development and the importance of creating a psychologically safe workplace to drive innovation and employee engagement.

Even if you’re just purely bottom-line results, focused on profitability, margins, contribution, EBITDA, whatever, you should REALLY care about your people. The more they feel cared for, the more they lean into their work.

Travis Dommert, Senior Vice President of Talent, OneDigital

Tune into the “Talent Development Think Tank” podcast episode here.

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