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Inc. Features Sam Murray, OneDigital HR Expert to Discuss Netflix, Disney and Uber's Response to Toxic Corporate Culture

In June, Netflix fired communications chief for derogatory comments toward a minority group, and the news comes not long after the controversy and eventual cancellation of ABC’s show “Roseanne” for an inappropriate joke Roseanne Barr made on Twitter.

These examples of major companies taking a zero-tolerance approach against toxic company culture reflect the cultural shift happening across industries; an understanding and demand for a corporate culture that supports employees’ productivity and the overall health of the organization. Sam Murray, managing principal for OneDigital HR Consulting, Southern California, has spent a significant amount of her career coaching and training executives, notably those who have been reprimanded for negative behavior and examines the close connection between leadership and workplace culture in the article, “Netflix, Disney, and Uber Took Extreme Measures to Protect Their Company Cultures. You Should, Too” by Inc. Magazine.

If you don't deal with the core beliefs of the people at the top it's just going to trickle down...[these companies] had policies, they trained people, but the people at the top are the ones that are the most guilty of that behavior and people see that. Employees recognize inauthentic behavior, and so then pretty soon nobody's behaving correctly, even though the policy is written. Everybody signs their documents that they are trained, but once you allow it at the highest level, it eventually becomes a virus in the company.
Sam Murray, Managing Principal, OneDigital HR Consulting, Southern California

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