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OneDigital Chief People Officer on Building a Dynamic Corporate Culture

Why should corporate culture be at the top of an organization’s priority list going into 2023? What are some ways that organizations and their hiring teams can avoid the trap of becoming a “static culture” and keep evolving?

In a recent interview with Josh Zygmont of HR Daily Advisor’s HR Works Podcast, OneDigital’s Chief People Officer Elizabeth Chrane offers her insight and look into assessing and developing corporate culture, ensuring that both leadership teams and their employees are aligned on the values, attitudes, and outcomes that matter most to an organization. As the labor market becomes increasingly competitive, the corporate culture of a business is becoming an increasingly important factor in attracting and retaining top talent.

I have found that in the past year, culture has become more of a deciding factor in where people chose to go to work. What they’re looking for is purpose. How do you define what your company does, and what an individual comes to a company hoping to achieve? How is what they’re offering contributing to the company’s purpose, and their personal purpose? Bringing those two things together is going to become increasingly important moving into 2023.
Elizabeth Chrane, Chief People Officer, OneDigital

Listen to the full HR Works podcast here.