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HR Consulting Expert Sam Murray Ties Corporate Culture to Your Organization's Bottom Line

In today’s corporate climate, companies who leave culture up to chance risk sacrificing the health of the entire company.

Most organizations understand the impact corporate culture can have on their bottom line, yet many still struggle with implementing a thoughtful culture. Companies are simply a combination of people with differing life experiences and values which can make the process challenging. If companies do not prioritize culture the result will be a misalignment between the values a company says they embrace and the employee experience. Most often, the problem and solution are developed from the top down, so creating consistent culture is essential for success, and precisely what Sam Murray, managing principal for OneDigital HR Consulting, Southern California explores in The Customer Magnet Show Podcast titled “How the Health of Your Company Culture Impacts Your Bottom Line.

Let’s face it a company is a compilation of just people that have different life experiences, different values, so for people to be thoughtful is sometimes a challenge when you have a busy job that’s just demanding on a day to day basis. Companies don’t often take time out, set aside a day or two days to retreat and really discuss who are we? Where are we going? What do we want to achieve?
It really falls on all of the other employees and to some extent the manager to help shepherd that employee in the right direction by saying those aren’t the kind of things we say here, that isn’t the way we behave here. So you begin identifying who you are as a company by the voices of your employees and employees then want to participate in that.
Sam Murray, Managing Principal, OneDigital HR Consulting, Southern California

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Changing corporate culture starts with understanding how your company’s values align with the day to day experience. Address discrepancies in your corporate culture and implement a thoughtful, effective approach by reaching out to your OneDigital consultant today.


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