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Tara Quinnette Offers the Keys to Empowering an Increasingly Global Workforce

As the workforce grows inherently more global, it’s not uncommon that confusion between foreign employers and employees will arise when it comes to company culture, best practices and expectations.

The vast differences in cultural norms across a global workforce should be addressed to ensure a positive environment for all involved. To keep up with the increasing diversity in the workplace, trainings on controlling unconscious bias, inclusion and cultural awareness are necessary. Tara Quinnette, a senior HR consultant at OneDigital Mid-Atlantic, stresses how vital these trainings can be to support employees as they communicate and collaborate with their non-U.S.- based colleagues in the article “How to Prepare Employees to Work in a Global Workforce” published by HR Dive.

The tone has to be set from leadership and implemented through managers. Culture is created by every individual that works for the company, no matter where they are located physically. It’s up to organizations to provide information, set expectations and empower employees to be part of the process in a culturally appropriate way.
Tara Quinnette, Senior HR Consultant, OneDigital Mid-Atlantic

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