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Vickie Price Talks to WTVR’s “Virginia This Morning” About “Quiet Quitting”

While it's getting a lot of exposure now, people setting boundaries for work-life balance isn't anything groundbreaking.

Vickie Price, Client Executive, OneDigital HR Consulting, recently sat down with the hosts of WTVR’s popular “Virginia This Morning” to debunk myths around the employment trend “Quiet Quitting”—and how employers can put strategies in place now to avoid burnout and loss of productivity by their workforce.

Think about everything we’ve been through with COVID. First, everyone working remotely, taking care of kids and parents, being worried about getting sick. Then we started bringing people back to the office and the expectations have changed a bit. All the people that were at home and had the flexibility to take care of things—now we are expecting them to go back into the office. OneDigital clients are concerned about mental health in the workplace because of all the stress that has been happening in our world and impacting employees. They are telling employees to take care of themselves, that it is important to have a good work life balance - and employees are starting to really listen.

As much as it is important to set boundaries and have good work-life balance, we are also getting paid to do a job and we’ve got to do our work and finish things. Even those companies that thrived during the pandemic – if their people aren’t doing the work, they aren’t going to continue to thrive.

So what are the recommendations to employers to keep their employees engaged and motivated?

Managers will need to be trained in a new way—on how to manage the employees who are not engaged, and to manage productivity and making sure people are actually getting their work done. Managers need to get to know their employees to the point they can identify when they are stressed out and need a break.

Don't wait to conduct an exit interview—employers should consider conducting stay interviews with their employees. Stay interviews include questions about what an employee likes or does not like about work, what do they need, and how can they be better supported.

Watch the segment here.

To learn more about how forward-thinking employers are easing workplace stress and addressing workplace mental health, visit OneDigital's Retention Reset Hub.