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[Video] Angela Harris Talks 'Quiet Quitting' with Spectrum News

Quiet Quitting is here to stay. But the solution may be easier than you think.

Quiet Quitting is a term that has recently gained traction via a social media movement. The term essentially means the employee is quietly doing the bare minimum in their role as a means of setting a boundary between their work and professional lives.

The bad news for employers: Quiet Quitting is here to stay. The good news: There are a few simple actions you can take to alleviate this strain on your business and improve employee productivity.

Angela Harris from our Southeastern Human Resources Client Executive team discusses how employers can mitigate the impact of Quiet Quitting in a recent interview with Spectrum News 1.

At OneDigital, we perform one-on-one conversations, which are crucial to truly communicate and engage with employees to better understand what is going on and identify what may be the issue causing them to struggle with completing a task.

Angela Harris, Human Resources Consulting Client Executive, OneDigital Southeast Region

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