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Vinay Gidwaney On the Transformative Impact of Generative AI in the Workplace

Seventy-eight percent of C-suite leaders say their organization is using AI today, according to a recent report from software company UKG, and another 71% of leaders say advancing their use of AI is a priority for their organization in an effort to stay competitive. But many are still struggling to figure out where to begin.

In a recent interview with Employee Benefits News, OneDigital Chief Product Officer, Vinay Gidwaney, emphasizes the transformative impact of generative AI on various industries, underlining the importance of education in adopting AI. Companies, as per a 2022 IBM study, are increasingly leveraging AI in diverse ways, from marketing and sales to IT improvement, yielding better customer experiences, but they must navigate the challenge of choosing the right AI tools amidst this diversity.

[At OneDigital] We think about AI adoption in three different ways. One was embracing the adoption of generative AI in every software product we use today. Frankly, employers don't have much of a choice when every single software vendor out there is including generative AI as part of their software offering. We leaned in and decided that we were going to train our people on how to use this technology, so that they knew how to do it safely instead of resisting it.
Vinay Gidwaney, Chief Product Officer

He continued, “The second strategy is embracing Microsoft as a software partner in deploying generative AI functionality across the entire organization. Microsoft has done an amazing job innovating in this space, so we're going to start rolling out Microsoft tools across the entire organization. People are using ChatGPT anyways, so I'd rather that they do it in a place where our information and our data is protected. The third area is really focused on this idea of AI as a companion. When serving clients, many of our teams are dealing with information overload — too many meetings and too much to keep track of. If you can use AI to help you summarize meetings, make sure you get action items out, help you address clients needs, that's super effective.”

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