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Could AI-Avatars Enhance the Financial Services Experience?

In an industry that can be reluctant to embrace new technologies and adopt innovations, OneDigital made a decisive move at a recent national summit, experimenting with an innovative use case of an AI avatar advisor.

The featured experiment, dubbed “Cheppy AI,” was OneDigital’s latest application of AI, demonstrating to summit attendees a unique use case for the technology, emphasizing the need for both creativity and responsibility within future developments. At the forefront of the demonstration was OneDigital adviser Jason Chepenik, Senior Vice President of Retirement + Wealth, whose AI avatar captured the attention of attendees by engaging in topics ranging from 401(k) administration to health savings accounts, providing a glimpse into the future possibilities of AI in client and member-facing interactions.

In recent articles from NAPA and PLANADVISOR, OneDigital Chief Product Officer commented on the experiment of Cheppy AI stating,

We, as a firm, have decided to lean into AI and build our own tools and experiment with these things and start to drive value with this technology. Other areas [beyond Cheppy AI] are more focused on using the technology to super-power our people. This is not about replacing our client-facing folks but rather amplifying the impact our teams can deliver for our clients, and the industry at large.
Vinay Gidwaney, Chief Product Officer, OneDigital

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With recent investments in businesses and talent, OneDigital is continuing to build momentum in technology-based products that improve the customer experience within the insurance and financial services industries. To learn more about OneDigital’s recent investments in tech-forward solutions, visit Bold Studio.

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