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What's Your Why: Holly Forest, OneDigital Atlanta

Meet Holly Forest, National Director of Shared Client Services from OneDigital's corporate office in Atlanta.

At our annual Retention and Growth Summit in June, we asked Holly to explain her "why." Hear what she has to say about OneDigital's culture and why she shows up every day to work relentlessly on her clients' behalf in the video above.

My why is my family… and also yours. I get up every day and work hard to make life great for my children, so I can provide them with as many opportunities as possible to learn, grow and be healthy. I understand and respect that our clients are out there doing the same thing for their own families.
What makes the Shared Services team at OneDigital special is the role we serve facilitating access to one of the most important tools a person has to support their health and wellness (and to protect their family’s financial security): their benefits.
I have always said: don’t mess with another person’s family or another person’s money! Benefits can affect both of those things, so it is critical that we are getting things done quickly, and done right the first time. We’ve got your back!