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Why We Need to Talk to Gen Z, Not About Them

Let’s flip the narrative: We need to talk to Gen Z, not about them.

When you search the internet for content geared toward Gen Z employees, what you find is the opposite. Most articles are focused on telling employers what to expect from this young generation. But with May in sight and graduation season looming, these incoming Gen Z workers may be navigating many firsts, such as HR paperwork and benefits packages. Gen Z employees could truly benefit from employers and industry experts changing the narrative from what others need to know about Gen Z, to what Gen Z individuals themselves need to know.

OneDigital Carolinas Business Development Executive, Mike Kodweis, was recently featured in a BenefitsPRO article, "Let’s flip the narrative: Why we need to talk to Gen Z, not about them," discussing why employers, and in turn their employees, would benefit from leaning into the onboarding, development and growth of this young employee base in order to successfully engage a multi-generational workforce.

It may seem like some of these are common sense or could be self-explanatory, however, most people starting a new job are unfamiliar with these topics which can easily overwhelm young professionals while they try to balance their new workload.
Mike Kodweis, Business Development Executive for OneDigital Carolinas

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