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OneDigital Chief People Officer on Employee Experience for HR Director

Creating a positive employee experience can increase job satisfaction and motivation, resulting in higher productivity and lower turnover rates.

In today's purpose-driven work culture, employees value companies that align with their values and prioritize their wellbeing rather than solely focusing on financial incentives. By providing a positive experience for employees, companies can cultivate a sense of loyalty and commitment among their workforce, ultimately leading to a more robust company culture and better performance.

In two recent articles for HR Director, OneDigital's Chief People Officer, Elizabeth Chrane, highlighted two ways OneDigital seeks to create a positive experience for employees so that they can do their best work and live their best life. In the first article, titled "Work from anywhere' approach is a strong recruiting tool, says HR leader," Chrane details how OneDigital's "work from anywhere" approach has led to higher employee engagement scores, overall employee retention and has created an uptick in job applicants particularly from firms that have flip-flopped their stance on hybrid working over the past few years.

The benefits of a flexible policy include higher employee engagement scores, as we receive frequent feedback demonstrating that remote working and flexible hours are significant retention tools. Our "work from anywhere" approach is also a strong recruiting tool. We can now conduct national searches to find the right skill set without the limitations of searching within a specific geography or providing relocation assistance.
- Elizabeth Chrane for HR Director

In an additional article, "Are employees taking advantage of unlimited PTO?" Chrane touches on OneDigtal's "Take it as you need it" PTO policy, highlighting how it helps prevent longer-term issues, such as burnout and mental health fatigue.

Policies that provide employees with more freedom have proven effective, as employees report feeling more in control of their time and, in turn, express greater satisfaction with their work.
- Elizabeth Chrane for HR Director

For more information on the OneDigital employee experience or to view current openings, visit the OneDigital careers page.