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The Critical Intersection Between DEI&B and Mental Health

Diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging (DEI&B) is directly connected to mental health and overall wellbeing at work.

Over the past few years, the significance of both DEI&B and mental health priorities in the workplace has surged; however, many leaders remain unaware of the intrinsic connection between the two. Employees who experience feelings of belonging in the workplace are associated with a positive workplace culture and increased employee engagement.

It’s important to tie DEI&B and mental health together and understand how they intersect and what that means to leaders who want to foster a positive workplace.

Watch this On-Demand webinar to access a critical discussion between OneDigital’s DEI&B, HR, and wellbeing leaders, exploring how employers can create the foundation to better understand and support the mental wellbeing of a diverse workforce and offer helpful tools and resources.