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Our First Time At The Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival, And Won't Be The Last!

This August, the Burlington office took part in its first ever Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival (LCDBF) in memory of one of our own, Kristen Hutton, who passed away from breast cancer in 2012. Each year, the LCDBF brings together the Burlington community in an effort to raise money for various charities, all while having a great time through the race.

64 community teams teamed up to race dragon boats at this year’s festival to raise money to support cancer survivors in the community. The challenge was a 200-meter head-to-head race down the shoreline of Lake Champlain.

Burlington office team "This One Is For Kristen" getting ready to race on Lake Champlain
Burlington office team "This One Is For Kristen" getting ready to race on Lake Champlain

The Burlington office, whose team name was “This One is For Kristen,” proudly raised nearly $4,000 in memory of Kristen, coming in 6th place out of 64 teams who participated. Our team of clients, friends and family proudly raced into the finals of our division, finishing in 2nd overall. We were proud to compete in memory of Kristen, wearing her favorite color, light blue, as our team uniform.

I personally had the pleasure of being the “drummer”, the vibrant soul that sits at the front of the boat encouraging my team to stay in sync as they paddled. Our team was an incredible crew that remained strong across all four races, including our exciting final race where we only lost to the winner by .35 seconds. With the warmest gratitude, we couldn’t have done it without our local support, as well as everyone at the OneDigital family that made this possible. We look forward to getting back on the Lake Champlain waters next year!