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Jania Stout Shares Insight with PLANADVISER On How Prioritizing Client Needs Drives Profitability

Eighty-nine percent of companies that focus on providing exceptional client service report this has a huge impact on client retention.

Providing exceptional service is essential to retaining and growing client relationships and revenue. Determining ways to work smarter and streamline the work done is necessary.

PLANADVISER’s article “Profitable Endeavors” discusses different areas to focus on to provide excellent client service that meets and strives to exceed client needs. The article also shared the importance of having the right strategic partner to scale and grow, focus on areas to hone in on, and be aware of job priorities within your team.

Jania Stout, Senior Vice President at OneDigital, was featured in the article to provide insight into your team's job priorities and the importance of taking the time to understand your client's needs. When giving insight about identifying clients' specific needs, Stout shared an example of a particular client who needed more support on an ongoing basis outside of just financial education and webinars. Stout stated:

Anybody can just offer education and webinars, but to really track the results and see if you’re on the right path to making a difference, you’ve got to have somebody that’s focused on it.
—Jania Stout, Senior Vice President, Retirement + Wealth

To learn more about identifying job priorities that leading to better client service, read the full article here: Profitability Endeavors.

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