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Kristen Eskew on Representation in the Financial Services Industry

Current industry numbers show just 18% of financial advisors are women, 5% are Hispanic, 4% Asian American and less than 3% are Black.

Despite significant corporate commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging progress in expanding the minority ranks in financial services is stymied by a lack of mentoring, sponsorship, and the simple inability to communicate the positive opportunities that exist within the industry.

That was just one of the takeaways from speakers like Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Kristen Eskew, during a recent event hosted by InsuranceNewsNet titled “DEI Success: From making a great hire, to serving a wider audience.”

It's one thing to say all the right things and to have the diverse spaces on the brochures. But unless there is trust and connection and sincerity, it really doesn't mean anything.”
- Kristen Eskew Vice President of Diversity, Equity , Inclusion and Belonging

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