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OneDigital's Lesa Caputo Shares Employee Experience Strategies

Today's dynamic workforce has led employees to want personalized benefits and access to many options. However, offering multiple options can be expensive and administratively taxing.

Lesa Caputo, Principal Consultant for OneDigital West Region, joined Santa Barbara News AM 1290 Radio (KZSB Radio) for another HR Minute segment to share another one of the Six Wellbeing and Performance Trends in 2023 based on a guide developed by OneDigital’s Engagement & Wellbeing Team. Lesa highlights the importance of personalizing employee experience to increase loyalty, satisfaction and engagement.

Over the past year, Lesa has partnered with Santa Barbara Human Resources Association (SBHRA) to share workplace trends with KZSB as part of their HR Minute segment.

To learn more about how your organization can support and invest in employees while containing organizational costs, read the full Wellbeing and Performance Trends in 2023 guide.