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Stephanie Johnson Featured on The Day Podcast and NewsBreak Talking About Diversity Training

Diversity training is over, but the work is forever.

Not every company is alike, nor are they equally equipped to address DEI&B in the workplace. Developing an ongoing training program that promotes inclusivity is a step in the right direction.

HR Consultant Stephanie Johnson at OneDigital Georgia led an in-person Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging training for employees at The Day and Shore Publishing. The Native American talking stick tradition is one of the many tools Stephanie shared to demonstrate listening and respect. The talking stick is passed around, and only the person holding it is allowed to speak. Listen to the podcast for an interview with Stephanie about her work with The Day and other clients, “Diversity training is over, but the work is forever.”

The hope is that as we continue to talk and listen to one another about issues of race, gender, ability, age and the many other traits that make us unique, we become more comfortable with the discussion and more aware of how we interact with one another and the community.
Stephanie Johnson, Human Resources Consultant, OneDigital Georgia

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Need a little extra help taking the next step in your DEI&B journey? Download the DEI&B Whitepaper or visit OneDigital’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Hub for resources, materials, and events to help you effectively navigate the conversations, discussion and next steps towards building a more inclusive workplace.