Addressing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging in Your Workplace

The sequence of critical moments across the country has exposed the need for a renewed commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and leaders everywhere may be navigating and facilitating unfamiliar discussions within the workplace.

Developing and adjusting a strategy to enact diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within your organization requires a more nuanced approach to enact lasting change.

WATCH NOW | Employer Advisory Session: Diversity Equity and Inclusion - Continuing the Conversation

In light of recent national events that have brought stark racial inequalities to the forefront of the conversation, organizations everywhere are navigating and facilitating unfamiliar discussions between leadership, employees and customers.

View this Employer Advisory Session, a facilitated discussion with community business leaders that explores how to have the necessary conversations to begin making progress toward racial equality in the workplace.

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Let’s Talk About It Series

DEI&B is about the success of your business and, quite frankly, doing the right thing. This series touches on the changing world of work and how to prioritize having a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization where every employee, at every level of the organization, knows they can bring their whole self to work.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Recruiting

Diverse teams help companies to be more innovative, creative and achieve better results. Diversity recruiting efforts should aim to find the best possible candidate but give all applicants equal opportunity. In addition, a strong diversity recruiting program should proactively source and attract candidates from diverse backgrounds to all areas of your business.


Unconscious Bias – What It Is and How to Manage It

Unconscious bias is prejudice in favor of or against another person or group of people. We ALL have it. It is not inherently bad, and it is not the same as discrimination. Biases or snap judgements can create advantages or disadvantages.



Facilitating Diversity Dialogues in the Workplace

Organizations are navigating unfamiliar discussions between leadership, employees and customers. When it comes to embracing DEI&B in the workplace, employers must promote purposeful dialogue, create safe spaces for employees and be informed leaders, equipped to stand against injustices.


Podcast: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

To bring light to this conversation, we welcomed special guest Simone Morris, CEO of Simone Morris Enterprise LLC, on the podcast to discuss what types of conversations need to be had in the workplace, who should be leading the charge on those discussions, and what organizations can do to best demonstrate their support for diversity and inclusion.



Action in Times of Crisis: Facilitated Discussion About Racial Inequity

Held in June 2020, shortly after the global response to the murder of George Floyd, this conversation with community leaders and business executives explores confronting racial inequity, employers’ responsibility to create purposeful dialogue and safe spaces for their employees and begin making progress toward racial equity in the workplace.


Diversity Equity and Inclusion - Continuing the Conversation

Not every company is alike, nor are they equally equipped to address DEI&B in the workplace. Gain a deeper understanding of your current culture and processes to determine what's in place and what's needed to develop a customized plan.


Employer Tactics to Promote Diversity, Anti-Racism and an Inclusive Environment

Leadership teams must tackle the complexities of employee concerns surrounding equity, anti-racism, diversity, and... a pandemic, too. How can we use uncertainty, chaos and disruption as vehicles to empower the organization as a whole? Tune into this ENGAGE Chat for key insights and tactics that lead to systemic and cultural change.


To Remain Silent is Enabling the Status Quo: A Message from OneDigital Read Now →

Actions speak louder than words and your commitment will be reflected in your efforts going forward.

Whether your organization is taking the first step or the hundredth step to address DEI&B in the workplace, it’s a step in the right direction.

We know that it feels like an impossibly challenging time. As you need it, OneDigital’s strategic workforce consultants are here with advice and support to help you navigate through these conversations, discussions and next steps as you look toward making change for the better. Click here to connect with a local HR Consultant and begin your journey towards a more inclusive workplace.