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Strategic Workforce Planning: How to Control Costs, Optimize Talent, and Support Employee Mental and Financial Wellbeing

The crises of the early 2020s are mostly in the rearview mirror. But that doesn’t mean employers should let their guard down.

The most recent generation of business leaders has come of age in an era of crisis. First, there was COVID-19, next there was the Great Resignation, and then there was severe inflation and economic turmoil.

Employers everywhere re-tooled themselves for these difficult circumstances, transforming their organizations into crisis response machines and spending enormous sums of money in the process. The business climate of 2024 is expected to be more stable, but resources available to employers may also be less abundant. Priorities such as controlling costs, optimizing talent, and employee wellbeing will be paramount in this new era.

Join our panel of workforce strategists as they assess the year ahead and explain why employers need to pivot away from crisis reactions and towards long-term strategic planning.

Walk away from this session with a better understanding of:

  • How the business climate is changing,
  • What sorts of pressures leaders will face in 2024 and beyond, and
  • How to adapt to an operating environment defined by scarcity.