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Financial stress is impairing workplace productivity. Is your organization ignoring the impact to your bottom line?


Saving adequately for retirement and healthcare costs are two of the most pressing financial issues facing Americans—regardless of income level—today.

The need for financial wellbeing services has reached critical levels, with the financial and economic anxiety caused by COVID-19 pandemic. The lines of work life and home life have blurred – making employees more stressed than ever before.

With financial stress and workplace productivity being linked, it is in the best interest of employers to ensure their workforce has all the appropriate resources to feel safe and supported. By bringing retirement plan consulting and wealth management together with health benefits, OneDigital provides key services and takes an integrated approach to your employees’ overall wellbeing.

Watch this video to learn more about the impact of financial wellbeing on your organization.

Solutions for Employers of all Sizes

OneDigital Retirement + Wealth will help leaders position their retirement and financial benefits as a strategy to support, attract and retain top talent.


Reduce burden on HR and payroll departments by updating plan technology and integrating systems.


Make it easy for employees to engage in a conversation about their financial health and path to retirement.


Understand how your vendor and service costs compare to other companies in your industry and region and how participation impacts your bottom-line.


Receive strategic guidance on key regulations and actions you can take to stay up-to-date.

Build a Better Retirement Program

OneDigital Retirement + Wealth offers a comprehensive solution focused on tailoring retirement plans, wealth management conversations and financial wellness programs to meet the needs of your organization and employees. Together we will adopt a holistic strategy to ensure that your retirement plan and financial benefits align with your company demographics.

  • Investment management and fiduciary services
  • Plan consulting and operational support
  • Vendor analysis & benchmarking
  • Employee education and engagement
  • Corporate financial wellness initiatives and engagement solutions
  • Defined benefit plan risk management assessments

Support for Individuals and Families

Our licensed financial advisors have conversations about planning, saving and investing for the future. Through a holistic planning process, they will create a flexible plan to help you stay on track to meet your goals.

Our services:

  • Savings strategies
  • Investment allocations & recommendations
  • Debt management
  • Cash flow management
  • Social Security and retirement income projections

Identify Executive Benefits Strategies

Engage in a powerful process to align the interests of shareholders and highly compensated employees by exploring nonqualified deferred compensation strategies.

Our services:

  • Provide executives with additional retirement planning opportunities
  • Restore opportunities lost under qualified plans
  • Attract/retain key management talent


COVID-19 Employer Advisory Session: An Employer's Guide to Navigating 401(k) Retirement Plans

Learn best practices for communicating with employees and providing financial guidance and ongoing support to improve retirement outcomes.



Adapting to a Changing Environment

Download the guide for helpful prompts centered around engaging in a new conversation about your retirement plan.   


Financial Wellbeing Benefits

Learn how the employer-employee retirement plan relationship has changed as a result of COVID.   



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Is your team ready to navigate the road ahead?

Separating health and financial benefits simply doesn’t make sense, and organizations who ignore this convergence of health and wealth, risk the future health of their employees, competitive edge in the market and the financial future of their business. Contact OneDigital to get started on bold solutions to improve financial wellness and retirement outcomes in your workforce.

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