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Welcome to OneDigital Canton, CT

Whether it be for your business, home, auto, or life insurance, we are here to guide and help you make the most of your valuable insurance dollars every step of the way.


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We know your name, the names of your employees, your biggest challenges, and what success looks like for you.

Value Driver: Relentless


We've got your back when you need us most, and won't stop working until you have a solution that works for you.

Value Driver: Fresh Thinking

Fresh Thinking

We lead market trends, we don't follow them- you can count on us to look around the corner on your behalf.

Meet The Leadership

Nick Ververis

Nicholas Ververis

  • Principal
  • 34 years of experience

Nick Ververis works at OneDigital's Canton, Connecticut location as a Principal and Senior Client Executive. He has over three decades of experience within the insurance industry.

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