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[Podcast] Should Employers Encourage the Use of AI?

Employers were not prepared for the consumer-level debut of ChatGPT and other large language model (LLM) programs.

As these types of products become increasingly popular, many corporations have opted for an outright ban on their use in the workplace. Others have adopted a more lenient philosophy and permitted their employees to tap into these programs in the hopes of realizing significant productivity gains.

In this episode, we put two lawyers and compliance experts head-to-head to debate the finer points of these two disparate approaches. Some of the questions covered are below:

  • In the long run, is it practical for employers to regulate this type of tool?
  • Should all AI-generated materials need to be proofread by a human?
  • Is it possible that AI programs could acquire and disseminate confidential employer information?
  • Even if these tools become exponentially better in the years ahead, are there some tasks that should absolutely never be replaced by AI?

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