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5 Factors To Finding The Right HR Technology Solution For Your Workplace

The human resources software industry has exploded over the last few years, and the disruptive $14 billion market shows no signs of slowing.

This means HR administrators are faced with even more integrated HR technology choices than ever.

It’s clear as to why more organizations are embracing HR technology; employers can save time and money automating these processes, increasing productivity and offering a user-friendly solution for both HR plan administrators and employees.

The big question is which of these platforms is the right fit for your organization?

Here are five factors to consider when evaluating what HR technology solution is the best fit for your organization:

  1. Evaluate Your Organization

    It’s important to take a step back and determine your main objective in implementing or improving your HR software. Does your organization experience significant turnover and you need a technology solution to onboard employees in an efficient way? Or, is your workforce stable, but you are looking for new and innovative ways to provide employees with a new generation open enrollment experience? This key differentiator will help you determine the appropriate HR technology tools and functionality.

  2. Improve Efficiency

    Is it essential for your HR software solution to communicate with your payroll provider and/or the insurance carriers? What cross functionality will be available to help eliminate redundancy and streamline your work? How will the software help with any compliance requirements such as providing employees with required notices, Affordable Care Act tracking and reporting?

  3. Evaluate User Experience

    How customizable is your portal or HR technology platform? Can it be branded to reflect the organization’s culture and needs? Will the software provide employees a positive experience with the ease of use, accessibility and visual appeal? Answering this question will help you determine if the technology solution will truly automate HR processes and increase productivity. Think of your platform as an extension of your HR department. What first impression will it provide?

  4. Analyze the Impact

    What is the return on investment? As the portal includes more sophisticated features, such as connectivity to vendors, compliance reporting and tracking, the cost of services will be higher. However, implementing a sophisticated HR technology solution can alleviate the HR staff of having to complete routine data entry, allowing them to think more strategically and focus on tasks that provide greater value to your organization.

  5. Grade Your Team

    Having the right support team is critical to developing a functional and accurate employee technology portal.

    Errors are inevitable, but having a support team of professionals can help answers questions, ensure the accuracy of the data being imported and provide responsiveness to your requests.

    Take a look at your current HR team, and make sure you have the right team in place before introducing a new program or HR technology platform.

Before implementing or enhancing your HR technology, it’s crucial to find a partner that can assess your unique organization and address any areas of concern. Connect with your OneDigital representative to determine which HR technology solution is the best fit for you. Our recent Zenefits partnership has allowed us to expand our HR technology solutions to ensure there’s something perfect for each organization’s specific needs.