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9 Employee Benefits for the Modern Working Parent

As employee benefits continue to evolve it’s important for employers to consider benefits offerings for the modern working parent.

Whether incorporated as part of a strategic plan or merely providing the benefits as “value-adds” there is an opportunity for employers to remind employees of current programs within the benefits program offered and consider offering trendy benefits or perks for working parents. Below is a list of 9 innovative benefits to consider, tailored to the working parent, to aid employee attraction and retention.

9 Innovative Benefits and Reminders to Support the Working Parent:

  1. Flexibility

    Depending on the scope of work, offering flexibility to working parents goes a long way and establishes a children-come-first approach. Allowing working parents to manage their work during a time of need can create a sense of loyalty and trust for working parents.

  2. Convenience

    Providing convenient services or resources can be a plus for working parents to get life necessities taken care of at the workplace. On-site amenities can vary from big-ticket items like childcare and fitness centers to delivery services, take-home dinners, onsite car washes or oil changes. These types of services help free up personal time so working parents can have a more fulfilling experience with their family.

  3. Child Care Benefits

    This benefit can be a considerable asset for employee retention and is offered in a variety of ways including different programs such as discounted child care, on-site or nearby child care services. These offerings can help working parents decrease stress levels, provide shorter commutes and give them the ability to spend more time with their children.

  4. Flex and Dependent Care Assistance Programs

    Offering a flex and dependent care assistance program is a huge asset for working parents to help pay for a portion of healthcare or child care services on a pre-tax basis. Many employers already offer this benefit, but in many cases, it’s underutilized because of the lack of understanding. Providing resources to promote or introduce this benefit to employees will help working parents save money but also give them a better understanding of how the entire benefits package fits into their needs.

  5. Real Maternity and Paternity Leave

    Whether for one week, six weeks, twelve weeks or more, this offering can help working parents tremendously through this significant life event. Exhibiting support for the employee as they navigate the parenthood experience conveys that the work relationship is meant for the long-term. Employees will be grateful for the opportunity to spend time with their child and be more energized and ready to return to work.

  6. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services

    Reminding employees of their EAP offering or providing a stand-alone benefit can help employees with a wide range of resources, referrals and education. From mental health support for all stages of parenting to services and activities like college coaching, financial counseling, qualified childcare services and support to all family members.

  7. Family Friendly Discounts

    These offerings provide value by encouraging employees and working parents to have fun outside the office with their families. Giving discounted tickets to movies, amusement parks programs for children and coupons for family-friendly restaurants can help establish family outing traditions. Typically, this type of offering would require minimal investment for any organization, but the benefit will go a long way for employees and their children.

  8. Telemedicine

    Reminding employees of their current telemedicine options through the existing benefits program is essential to highlight a low-cost option for care and the convenience for working parents and their families. In addition to standardized Telemedicine options, some employers have gone the extra step to provide this low-cost service for free to employees to help encourage the usage and steer health plan expenses to less costly option.

  9. Insurance Carrier Value-Adds

    Often these benefits, offered by the carriers in your existing benefits program can help working parents find additional resources whether its discounted services such fitness centers, coaching, athletic apparel and fitness equipment, healthy eating and weight management, travel programs or included services such as EAP, legal advice, will prep, financial counseling programs. Many employees overlook these perks included in their insurance offerings. Promoting these offerings with employees can help get them more engaged in their benefits and develop more of a consumerist mindset.

In a multi-generational workforce, the modern working parent can range significantly, considering innovative and supportive benefits can help employees get more value from the benefit offerings. Communicating these benefits well can enhance the overall perception of the benefits package improving employee attraction and retention.

To learn more about how to incorporate new offerings tailored to the working parent, or communicate existing benefits, reach out to your OneDigital Consultant.