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Bob Marino Featured in SHRM Connecting Drug Rebates to Increases in Benefits Spend

According to a survey conducted by National Business Group on Health (NBGH), a nonprofit that helps companies optimize performance through improved healthcare management initiates, many employers are moving toward incorporating cost-effective service providers and high-value in-plan provider networks.

It’s not surprising, considering the expected cost of employer-sponsored health care benefits will increase to about $15,000 an employee. Bob Marino, managing consultant at OneDigital Hartford, discusses the impact of drug rebates on the overall spend in the article “For 2019, Employers Adjust Health Benefits as Costs Near $15,000 per Employee” by SHRM, citing pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) inclination to fall back on rebates as a means of lowering costs and the resulting burden on employers.

PBMs' tendency to include a drug on the plan formulary because the manufacturer provides a rebate "leads to artificially inflated pricing and greater costs for all consumers.”
Bob Marino, Managing Consultant, OneDigital Hartford

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