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HR Daily Advisor Conducts Q&A With HR Consulting Leader About Progression of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Companies across industries are acknowledging the impact corporate culture has on the health of their organization, and employer’s priorities are shifting accordingly.

In the last year alone, the news has been riddled with announcements from major companies like Netflix, Disney, Uber, and ABC implementing policies to ensure healthy work environments and the actions necessary to maintain them. Businesses are shifting attention toward creating a healthy work environment, and more specifically, to include programs that support diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Change, however, takes time. Nancy Saperstone, senior HR business partner and communications specialist at OneDigital HR Consulting, provides insight on the progress of diversity and inclusion acceptance in the workplace, some of the issues employers are facing and what they can expect in the coming years through a documented interview, “Q&A: What Is the Future of Diversity and Inclusion?” with HR Daily Advisor.

“In a few short years, Millennials will constitute the majority of the labor force, and diversity and inclusion is likely to become more commonplace…In the meantime, companies should work to educate all employees on its importance, including generational diversity. Glassdoor found that 57% of employees want their company to do more around diversity. With the changing workforce, employers must be proactive—diversity and inclusion will drive recruiting and retention in the future marketplace”

- Nancy Saperstone, Senior HR Business Partner and Communications Specialist, OneDigital HR Consulting

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