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HR Daily Advisor Talks With Shira Wilensky About Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated one in five individuals live with a mental illness in the U.S., around 46.6 million in 2017.

Yet, there’s still much to be done in terms of battling the stigma, which can be an obstacle in employees speaking up about mental health challenges they may be facing. Employers are seeing increases in burnout, turnover, workplace stress and absenteeism, costing an estimated $300 billion a year. OneDigital’s National Practice Leader of Health & Wellbeing Shira Wilensky delves into how employers can raise awareness, open the lines of communication and cultivate a culture that significantly destigmatizes mental illness within their organization in the article, “How to Create a Workplace that Promotes Mental Health,” published in HR Daily Advisor.

Employees are often afraid to show they need assistance because they feel they’re admitting weakness or an inability to perform well in their role, ultimately putting their livelihood in jeopardy. Sadly, employee burnout continues to grow, as 50% of workers have felt or currently feel burnt out in their career, but many don’t feel comfortable asking for a break and, instead, hide how they feel. When employees come to work feeling overstressed or unwell, they’re often distracted and not able to perform to the best of their ability.
It’s crucial for employees to feel comfortable asking for what they need, like occasionally working from home or flex time to practice self-care. Management can lead the way in establishing a safe work environment for employees and encourage flexibility in the workplace.
Shira Wilensky, National Practice Leader, Health & Wellbeing, OneDigital

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