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Keys to Effective Job Posting

Attracting the right candidates starts with writing an effective job posting. Candidates are often looking at open positions from their phones or tablets and it’s important to exhibit a job posting that is enticing, comprehensive and to the point without being too lengthy.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between job descriptions and job postings – job descriptions typically include lengthy summaries of job responsibilities and competencies vs. job postings which should be used to highlight your company and the position for posting to job boards and your careers page. Keep these key items in mind when crafting your job posting:

  • Mobile Friendly – Keeping your job postings “mobile friendly” means keeping the job posting as short and to the point as possible; too much scrolling, and candidates will lose interest and won’t apply.
  • Job Title – This is probably the most important thing of all. Use traditional job titles that are not too broad, too specific, or too lengthy as you may not reach the right candidates. Be sure to repeat key words from the job title frequently throughout the job description – this is critical.
  • Location – Be sure to include the location in order for candidates to determine if the job is commutable; if the position is remote-based, include that information as well.
    Hours – If the position requires weekend or hours outside of regular business hours, be specific about what is required.
  • Employer Branding – Create a brief and creative summary that includes what your company does while highlighting what makes you successful and distinguishes you from the the competition. Creating a summary that is intriguing and inviting will keep candidates reading the rest of the job posting. Include information about competitive salary and benefits packages, if in fact, they are. What other perks does your company offer that sets you apart? Include your company website as well.
  • Highlight the Position - Include a brief summary of the position – make it concise; if growth opportunities exist, include language to that effect.
    Job Responsibilities - Use bullet points to describe what the job entails; remove unnecessary words and be clear about the tasks.
  • Qualifications and Skills – Clearly outline the required qualifications and skills needed to do the job, again in bullet point format. Differentiate between what is absolutely necessary and required and what is preferred.

These key tips will help your company attract the right candidates and ultimately decrease your time to hire. Your hiring managers will thank you.

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