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Elizabeth Chrane Explains How a Marketing Mindset Can be Used to Drive Employee Engagement

A recent study by Gallup reports that only 23% of employees are fully engaged in their place of work.

However, OneDigital’s Chief People Officer, Elizabeth Chrane, believes that viewing employees as customers is the key to increasing and retaining employee engagement. In a recent podcast episode of “The Future of People Initiatives” hosted by Adam Fridman at ProHabits, Chrane dives deep into the challenges she has faced as OneDigital’s Chief People Officer. In the episode titled, “How do we create engagement throughout the entire employee life cycle?” she discusses how her marketing mindset has been a valuable asset to her success in building a culture of engagement.

Our people are our biggest investment across the board. We spend a lot of money in a lot of different areas but, if we’re not looking to get the best people in here, if we’re not inspiring them to stay and become part of our brand then we’ve missed the boat.
Elizabeth Chrane, Chief People Officer, OneDigital

Tune into “The Future of People Initiatives” podcast episode here.

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