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Elizabeth Chrane Encourages Companies to Put People First to Give Women a Voice at the Table

A recent study by McKinsey found that only 87 women are promoted for every 100 men.

In the workplace, most women are likely to experience judgment, be mistaken as junior employees, and feel unsupported by managers. However, OneDigital Chief People Officer, Elizabeth Chrane, believes the answer to making sure women have a seat and voice at the table is by creating a people-first culture. In a powerful Benefits PRO article, “How to support women in the workplace? Try fostering a people-first company culture,” Chrane uses her OneDigital story and experience to show how she has found success in making sure women are seen, heard, and feel supported in the workplace.

Caring for your people means providing support across all areas of wellbeing: professional, physical, mental and financial. A place where they know what it takes to thrive in a high-performance culture. And an environment where individuals are challenged and supported to dream big and achieve their highest potential. This combination creates a culture where your people are not only your first, but your second and third most important priority.
Elizabeth Chrane, Chief People Officer, OneDigital

Read the ALM Benefits Pro article here.

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