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The OneDigital Promise: We’re Your Advisor Through The Political Earthquake And On The Road Ahead

President Trump, where do we go from here? After a contentious campaign season, we now face a pathway that virtually no polls or political pundits thought possible. Tuesday's election was a clear repudiation of the establishments of both parties and gave rise to a call for change. What happens next to all of the campaign rhetoric about building a wall, reworking trade deals, creating jobs and repealing Obamacare? Whatever policies unfold, only time will tell if Trump can successfully lead and unify the country as he promised during his late-hour acceptance speech Tuesday night.

We realize that approximately 50 percent of our employees and clients across the country have deeply mixed feelings about the road ahead under a Trump administration and Republican-controlled Congress. One area we'll be watching closely will be the fate of Obamacare and what changes will actually be made.

Obamacare has been controversial since its adoption nearly seven years ago. It certainly has changed our business as benefit consultants and advisors, and modified the manner in which our clients and their employees have adapted to the pros and cons of implementing Healthcare Reform legislation. A major issue which emerged this year and created a forum for Trump's campaign messaging was the rising costs and limited choice of plans available in the Health Marketplaces. Both the challenges and solutions are equally complex. While Trump's thoughts on Obamacare have been made clear, the proposed alternatives are short on detail. However, we expect to surely see those alternatives take shape in the next several months.

The outcome of this election may create an uncertain road ahead when it comes to health benefit planning and design, but know that we will continue to be deeply engaged as an advocate for sensible reform and improved legislation.

We'll keep you apprised of new developments on possible new legislation, as well as the fate of the pending carrier mergers of Aetna/Humana and Anthem/Cigna currently in front of the judges. One thing is clear from both the presidential election result and the Colorado Amendment 69, which was overwhelmingly voted down by Coloradans (80% to 20%), there will be no attempts at universal healthcare legislation anytime in the near future.

For the past seven years, our teams have helped clients navigate through the current healthcare reform legislation. Once again, as we stand on the precipice of further change, we stand ready to provide the peace of mind and fresh thinking needed to help you through this next stage of reform.