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OneDigital Summit20: Be Bold

Of all the OneDigital conferences that have come before, OneDigital Summit20 stands out.

This year, instead of dedicating time for a keynote speaker, we were intentional in having our people share their stories of bold decisions that defined them. This year, we collectively came together to be vulnerable, reflect on our own path to become fearless and bold in 2020. It was also a celebration of incredible success and growth this year and shared appreciation for the team that has brought us to where we are today.

Having the opportunity to hear from these brave leaders was a powerful reminder of the courage and strength of the OneDigital team. What became evident is that our tribulations, learnings and bold decisions are what connects each of us.


Entering 2020 with a determination to be bold means making and identifying the best innovative solutions and strategies for our customers and providing changes to become leaders in the market. By putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers, we can equip them with bold strategies to be an agent for change.

We can empower them to be a better leader in their organization, giving them strategies to bring to the C-suite or better, positioning them to BE the C-suite by taking their organization to the next level. Our executive teams shared the strategic goals and future evolutions of our business and we are filling gaps that were perceived obstacles in the past and will now serve as bold strategies, allowing us to offer our customers an experience, unlike any other.

One of the best aspects of conference is the opportunity to share knowledge, connecting with our regional counterparts who can help us accomplish our goals. Each region has unique strengths and talents and coming together reminds us that being a part of one large, national conglomerate means we have access to an immense amount of resources, intel and experiences.

The OneDigital Summit20 interactive workshops facilitated discussions about how to become better. They created a space for us to put these lessons into practice, hearing from our colleagues that challenged the status quo for customers. It allowed each of us the opportunity to enhance our strategies, making sure there’s value in every meeting we have. In past conferences, we’ve heard from those who have achieved Pinnacle, the team members who are thriving, which is always great because we forget 160 new employees have not heard from them before. However, the message has been pretty consistent: evolve, be fearless, be bold.

My favorite part of OneDigital Summit20 is the energy. This is my fifth growth conference, and each year the team spirit grows, not because of size but because of the interactions. Five years ago, we did not have the synergy across teams that we have now. Today, there’s so much comradery, energy and warm smiles in the room, it’s remarkable. This doesn’t end at conference; the conversations started at OneDigital Summit20 will continue throughout the year. The learnings and insights we gained will inform the way we approach each interaction with customers, boldly driving results for our customers in 2020 and beyond.

Are you interested in joining a team of bold leaders that are invested in personal and professional growth? Check out OneDigital careers page to learn more.


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